Vietnamese Dehonians Assembly 2019

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August 5-8, at Dehon House in Thu Duc, Saigon, 22 members of Vietnamese District together for the District Assembly. With the title: “Community life: In the Context of Dehonians Vietnam”, the assembly of this year focuses on the community life. Fr. Alex Sapta, the general councilor for Asia gives us the recollection at the beginning of the assembly. He gives us some guidelines for reflection on the community life. We also invite Fr. Joseph Tien Loc, Redemptorist sharing about “Community Life in the Eyes of the Vietnamese”. He shares his own experiences about community life, and especially he gives guidelines how to build a strong community in the religious life. The Assembly particularly discusses and modifies “the Directory of the Vietnam District”. Especially, we talk about the program on Postulancy. This is the first time; Vietnam District has this program in Vietnam. The assembly is really the time for us being together, sharing our experiences, our pastoral works, our stories and our smiles. Ultimately, this is the time for us to build up a strong bond, friendship and community life.